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Chronic Migraine & Cluster Headache

Unmet treatment needs in patients suffering from cluster headache and migraine.

Cluster headaches present many treatment challenges:

Abortive Treatment

  • Accessibility, portability, and cost of ultra-high flow O22,3
  • Limits of maximum daily dosing with triptans3
  • Triptans contraindicated in pre-existing cardiac and cerebrovascular disorders4
  • Approximately 20% of patients develop chronic cluster headache, with many resistant to conventional multimodal therapies5
  • Invasive neurostimulation procedures are available; however, pose some risk for surgical and anesthetic complications3

Preventative Treatment

  • Evidence-based treatment recommendations needed4
  • Cardiovascular side effect concerns with verapamil4
  • Few controlled studies exist4
  • Better efficacy and tolerability needed
  • No major guidelines for long-term treatment4

The majority of migraineurs have at least one unmet treatment need

In the American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention Study, patients (n=5,591) with episodic migraine (<15 days/month) reported:6


Among the 40.7% of those reporting ≥1 unmet treatment need6


The limitations of current treatments highlight a clinical need for new treatment options. In recent years, the application of neurostimulation to treat headache disorders has shown promise. Several publications show a clear association between the treatment of migraine and implanted vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), reporting that migraineurs experience a reduction in the frequency and severity of their headaches.7

Additional studies have evaluated the safety and efficacy of neurostimulation and suggest “neurostimulation can have an effect even decades after onset of headaches, offering a possible therapeutic option for patients.”8

Although implanted VNS has shown promise in the treatment of migraine and cluster headache, the morbidity and inconvenience associated with the invasive implantation procedure, along with the cost of these devices, limit the potential for frequent use.9

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