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About gammaCore

Treat migraine and cluster headache at the core

  • gammaCore: Novel, non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation (nVNS) delivered by a patient friendly, hand-held device
  • Completely non-invasive therapy stimulates the cervical branch of the vagus nerve. No surgery. No invasive procedure
  • VNS demonstrates the ability to suppress high glutamate levels in the trigeminal nucleaus caudalis (TNC), which may be the pain-blocking mechanism of nVNS1

The next frontier of headache pain management

  • Global clinical program: 3 randomized clinical trials completed, 3 additional studies in progress. One of the largest clinical programs in headache
  • Non-pharmacologic, flexible treatment option with a role in both acute and preventative treatment
  • Side effects are primarily local, mild, and transient

gammaCore: bringing the clinical potential of nVNS to life

  • gammaCore makes nVNS practical, safe, and flexible
  • Avoids the surgery-related adverse effects and costs of implantable neuromodulating devices and potentially limits adverse effects related to continuous on-off stimulation2,3
  • gammaCore is administered with a hand-held device, about the size of a mobile phone that generates a unique electrical signal. A conductive gel is applied on the stimulation surfaces of the device and it is placed on the neck. Each dose takes approximately 2 minutes to administer (you may require more than one dose per treatment).

Learn more about non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation (nVNS) and its role in treating headache disorders.


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